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St. John’s University developed a master plan for the long term growth of their campus, including the installation of new dormitories, research buildings and support facilities.  PowerCon was contracted to prepare a corresponding plan for the distribution of electrical power throughout the campus in a cost effective and flexible manner to accommodate the long term growth of the university. 


PowerCon provided complete Electrical Engineering master planning, load analysis, cost benefit analysis, design and construction support services for the construction of a new 38kV rated electrical substation for the SJU campus.  PowerCon prepared all electrical design documents for the substation switchgear, relay protection and controls, as well as 4.16kV distribution to campus buildings via underground duct banks and existing utility tunnels. PowerCon also provided design and construction services for electrical service to campus facilities, including a residence hall and ball field. PowerCon continues to support the SJU substation to this day, providing annual maintenance and switching operations on an on-call basis.

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