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17 State Street, a high profile 42-story office tower at the southern tip of Manhattan, was hit hard by Hurricane Sandy.  Almost 2 million gallons of water poured into the basement, submerging all the building’s major infrastructure, and rose over a foot into the lobby level. The building owner, RFR Realty, reached out to PowerCon for help the next morning. We were on site within hours, helping to assess the damage to the building’s systems.


We prepared a fast track design and temporary power was restored throughout the building less than 2 weeks after the storm struck, allowing tenants to re-occupy their spaces.  PowerCon then turned to preparing construction documents for the complete replacement of the electrical infrastructure (while maintaining service to the building).  Within 10 months, the basement had been completely rebuilt, with all equipment replaced, tested and online. PowerCon provided complete engineering support (design, construction supervision and testing) throughout the process of restoring the building to full operation.

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