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New Jersey School

PowerCon provided a COVID-19 Mitigation HVAC Due Diligence for a school in New Jersey to identify gaps between the existing conditions and the latest COVID-19 HVAC recommendations.  Following completion of the study, PowerCon is providing MEP Engineering Design, Project Management and Commissioning Services for HVAC Infrastructure Upgrades for the school.  

The scope of work included:

  • Replacement of steam boilers with high-efficiency condensing hot water boilers

  • Replacement of 50-year old Air Handling Units 

  • Installation of Emergency Generator

  • Expansion of existing DDC BMS

  • Installation of Dedicated Outdoor Air Unit to provide conditioned ventilation for classrooms


Services provided included:

  • COVID-19 HVAC Due Diligence

  • MEP Engineering Design

  • Engineering Project Management

  • Commissioning Services

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